Game description:

The main message of Gris is that when we find ourselves in our inner world full of grief and despair, there the only weapon against it – finding our own voice. The girl is about to deal with her fears and anxiety on the way home. The metaphorical depiction of her emotional states that live in the imaginary world, where Gris appears, is absolutely amazing. The black birds represent sadness and depression, while the red elements show anger. The world around is literally made of feelings and the artists made a really good job to create a hilarious and beautiful picture. With Gris, you will travel across the lands to face her fears and help her get out. She will learn to sing again and make the darkness go away.

After playing this title, you will surely have a sense of comfort and warmth in your heart. We bet that this one will become your favorite and maybe help you get through the hard times we all experience from time to time. It is unique, smart, perfectly-drawn, anxiety-healing and idea-provoking. If you are looking for the best and prettiest game for your weekend – try Gris and you won’t regret it.