Google Snake Menu Mod

Game description:

A long pixel snake crawling across the screen and collecting dots to become even longer – this is a picture known to everyone who had a prefix in childhood. It was one of the first games to be made available to the general public. And it remains in demand even now, despite the fact that a lot of time has passed and much more colorful and complex entertainment options have appeared since then, with 3D effects and advanced visuals!

So Google decided to keep up (or vice versa go back in time) and released their version of this classic game. Here you have to manage the train, the length of which will increase as more and more passengers enter the car. This will entail complication of maneuvers on the map, because it is necessary not only to avoid the edges of the screen and your own tail, but also obstacles, the number of which will increase with each level. Can you survive to the end of the level without encountering dangerous objects? The task is not easy, especially the further you progress through the game. Graphics and gameplay will delight you! And now there is also the opportunity to try the new great Google Snake Menu Mod! Let’s get started!