Gas Station Simulator

Game description:

Have you ever taken on an abandoned project in order to revive it? Then you have a great chance to try your skills in this matter. Welcome to Gas Station Simulator. In this game, you will have an old gas station at your disposal. It is situated on the highway in the desert but completely ruined. Now, it is your main task to bring it back to life and attract new clients. Where to start? First of all, you need to get rid of all unnecessary items, replace or repair broken furniture, paint walls and improve the territory. Think well about how to develop a well-thought-out infrastructure – the filling stations must be conveniently located and so on. Do not forget to upgrade the existing equipment all the time to move your performance to a new level. You will need it to be able to accept as many clients as possible in one go. You will work in two directions at once – improve gas station appearance and find ways to provide new services to your customers.
You will have to successfully complete a lot of mini-games. For this, you need to do something several times in a row and get a reward for it. To make your business work and bring profit, you must be ready to do everything around here. You will have to work as a cleaner, salesman, station refueller and repairman at the same time. Your customers will be everywhere and their quantity will be growing every time. Soon, you will find it really difficult to cope on your own with all the things – start looking for assistants around to help you with the increasing flow of various tasks. The station needs to be cleaned all the time, otherwise customers will stop visiting it. You have to control every corner of your premises and keep it tidy. Soon, you will start offering additional services, for example, car repair. You will have to satisfy every customer, and there will be dozens of them with all possible requests. One will ask for a room for a night, and the other will need to change the wheels in his car. And you should be able to fulfil all these things with no effort. The success of your station will greatly depend on it.
In the game, you will have complete freedom of action and choice. Run your own business in any way you find acceptable. The main idea is the result you will manage to achieve. And you need to develop your business and improve customer service must in order to transform the abandoned station in the middle of the desert and make it a popular destination for drivers.