Friday Night Funkin Indie Cross

Game description:

The game is a classic musical battle between different characters from games, movies, cartoons, and memes. Each of them performs a different song, which you have to play to win. Hit the rhythm and the beat of the game to win.

According to the plot of the game, you play as a little boy. One day he was on the walk and suddenly met a funny man with a cup instead of his head, who invites him to take part in a musical match. The boy agrees because he likes songs, especially rap music. The song they sing is a lot of fun, and the location is teeming with bright colors and different trees and plants. The boy works hard and wins the duel, then throws the microphone at the man’s head. He goes further and meets an entirely different character who also doesn’t mind competing with him – his fame as a skilled rapper is already spreading everywhere. The boy agrees as it is one more possibility to prove his talents. The battle takes place in an old castle with high walls and huge windows. The song they sing is just as much fun. The opponent tries hard, but the boy defeats him, too. He goes on his way and meets his last, most serious, and dangerous adversary. They find themselves in a dark, gloomy place and the song they sing is truly horrible. In spite of this, the boy defeats him again as well, after which the opponent becomes hysterical.

There are other endings in the game. If the boy loses, he begins to be pursued by strange creatures, the third opponent’s assistants. They grab him and, after a brief cutscene, send him to another reality. The boy will disappear in a flash of red light. Management in the game is done by pressing the buttons with different symbols – they will appear on the screen, you just need to be attentive and in time to click on their counterparts on the keyboard. If you will slow down or press too quickly, then make a mistake. It’s not a problem – the game has a limit of available errors. But try not to exhaust it, because otherwise the game will be canceled and you will have to start from the beginning. As stated earlier, there are several endings in the game – they depend on the success of the player, his dexterity and speed. To get a good ending, be as attentive as possible.