Friday Night Funkin Hex Mod

Game description:

This sunny day is perfect to spend time outdoors, maybe take a walk, or maybe – play basketball. This is so natural for Hex, because he really like basketball. However, this time, he will show something really cool and a bit different. Did you know that he has more talents, like dropping cool lines? Yes, he is also a rapper, just like you, and guess what – he wants to challenge you for a duel. Are you ready? Your previous rivals were a bit aggressive and even scary, but Hex is different. He doesn’t seem any aggressive, he just wants to have fun and invites you to make up a cool hip hop song, so don’t be nervous and just join the match!
However, is that… really so? Can you trust this game? Or, maybe, he is secretly in love with your pretty Girlfriend and wants to take her away from you? Well, this is something you just cannot allow! Whatever hidden thoughts Hex has, you need to struggle with him in the amazing rap battle and win. The game includes a cool original setting as well as a nice collection of songs starring this character – your opponent. Also, there are great cut scenes to enjoy – they are all created specifically for this round of the game. As always in Friday Night Funkin, you will have to watch the flying arrows carefully, make sure to catch them when they reach the right spots, and don’t miss a single one for the best results.
When you miss the arrows and fail to follow the rhythm of the song, Hex gets superiority and his chances to beat you down increase. Look at the bar on the lower part of the screen to see who is winning at the moment and try not to get your icon moved to the edge. Play now, win the battle, and make your Girlfriend proud of you! She is watching, so show the best you have! And yes, the game is free to play on your device online – unlimited musical fun and great hip hop party guaranteed!