FNF Character Test Playground Remake 7

Game description:

FNF Character Test Playground Remake 7 is a fun project based on popular music game. Here you can test all of the heroes available in the original Friday Night Funkin and its mods in a variety of settings. Every character is accompanied by their peculiar moves and sounds! So what, are you ready to spend another great night at a club and blaze away? Then let’s begin!

Singing for love, not for money

Friday Night Funkin started off some time ago and almost immediately became a hit. The concept of the game is very simple – there is a hero that you are playing for and he is performing on stage. You have to guide him through a heated music battle by pressing the buttons with arrows as shown on the screen. Oh, and there is one catch – it should be done in strict accordance with the rhythm of the song playing. The game will show you which buttons to push, but when to push them is up to you. If you strike the notes correctly and don’t miss too many, your score will be growing. And it should be growing faster than your opponent’s who will be doing his part just like you. Depending on who scores more points by the end of the third round the winner will be determined.

But our hero doesn’t do it for fame or wealth. He is in love. And he hopes that music will help him win the heart of the girl he is crazy about. And the girl seems to answer with reciprocity. But there is a problem – her father is very strict. He doesn’t let any guys near his beloved daughter and you will have a hard time winning his trust. One thing that can help you is that he is a former music star. So you decide that being good at music will increase your chances. That’s how the career of our character begins. And when all that started, he could hardly predict that a series of regular music contests will turn into a slew of thrilling adventures some of which will be risky for his own life and the life of his girlfriend!

All of them are here!

During his concert activity, the main hero has met quite a lot of different characters he was rapping against. Those were famous personas, supernatural creatures, even some extraterrestrials. He risked getting stuck in a computer game, having his body captured by an angry spirit and even being eaten by Red Impostor. Many of the heroes from FNF mods actually come from other games and will be recognizable to those who already played them. And all these characters are available in FNF Character Test Playground Remake 7!

Here you don’t necessarily have to play as Boyfriend or any other strictly defined hero. You can choose anyone, including your opponents from existing versions! You can find out what it’s like to be Daddy Dearest, Senpai and even Girlfriend! You will get into their skin and try out all of their tricks in any of the settings you choose. There are also some completely new heroes you haven’t seen anywhere before! And of course some new great songs to enjoy during the gameplay. Discover the amazing features of this new FNF mod and have fun every single minute of it!