FNAF Security Breach / FNaF 9

Game description:

Everyone loves tasty pizza, so it’s no wonder the opening of the giant Freddie Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex made quite a resonance among fans of fast-food and various entertainments. There is already a whole crowds of kids who gathered inside to see what the management has prepared for them. The grand event promises many surprises, but hardly any of the guests expects that some of them will be quite unpleasant. And maybe even dangerous for the lives of the visitors! Do you want to find out how today’s evening will end? Then play FNAF Security Breach / FNaF 9 and plunge right into the epicenter of these murky events!

New heroes, new story twists!

Unlike the previous chapters, this time you won’t play for the night guard named Mike. The new heroine is called Vanessa. This is a cute blonde girl who, like many others, came to celebrate the debut of the new establishment. But the evil power that lives in these walls creeped its way inside the poor girl’s head and bent her to its will. She started hearing voices whispering terrible things to her. And before too long, Vanessa was obsessed with just one idea – choosing a victim among the children who came to eat pizza and play with animatronics. The only way to save the kids is to drive the grim voice out of her mind! And of course resist the crowd of crazy dolls that will spring to life after the advent of night and start their usual murdering routine. Only the bravest, most stress-resistant players will be able to pass this horror trial and survive in a situation where almost all odds are not in their favor. Are you willing to try your luck?

Prepare to get really scared!

After all the visitors are gone, the building will go dark and empty. But some of the kids have stayed inside to enjoy all the thrills provided in the center even after closure. It’s them who will be targeted by the evil dolls. You can’t let any more blood get spilled and any more dead bodies torn to shreds pile up! You need to come up with a way to stop the aggressive animatronics and keep them at bay before the dawn. Then the dark magic driving them will disappear and they will turn into innocent toys again. But running and hiding from them all this time won’t be that easy. There are much more of them and they can be just about anywhere. Keep your eyes peeled and your flashlight ready to scare them off if they approach! Make sure none of them touches you until the first rays of sun will seep through the windows of Mega Pizzaplex!