FNAF Oblitus Casa

Game description:

Every fan of horror games remembers the well-known FNAF series and confrontations with evil animatronics. If you miss that cool game, we have a new exciting adventure with a very similar plot. This time, you will have to visit an Oblitus Casa, an abandoned entertainment park on Treasure Island. Your character is a student who decides to earn some money, working as a nightguard on this Disney resort. However, he does not know yet what awaits him soon. It is a real nightmare to go through!

Survive five long nights!

The place is full of popular Disney characters. What a shock it will be to discover that these are all alive and are far from being friendly. They will immediately start hunting after you. All you have at your disposal is a tiny office to hide from your opponents. Besides, you will need to collect various pieces of information to restore the events that happened here in the past. This task will require enough strength and also courage. Will you have enough bravery to overcome lots of obstacles and avoid danger? Then let’s plunge in this unbelievable adventure and try to survive for five long nights. If you succeed, you will unlock access to the sixth, secret night. Have fun!