Game description:

Seven weeks of non-stop music fights in Friday Night Funkin’ – your dream has come true! Toughest rivals are looking forward to beating Boyfriend in at least one of the rounds. That little guy isn’t as weak as he seems. Will his ambitions bring the competitions to a victorious end again? Time to find it out and meet the tricky opponents. Get to know Sarvente, a nun who is fond of parties and loud music. You might wonder how she got into church. Well, modern nuns aren’t that shy, and they have an inalienable right to do what they want in their free time. Boyfriend doesn’t mind sharing his knowledge with Sarvente. Or perhaps, he just treats her as another unworthy adversary. However, let’s not underestimate the girl who can easily reach high notes! How can Girlfriend stand all those pretty ladies sniffing around her beloved? She believes he’s the only champion here and doesn’t pay attention to flirtatious smiles. On the other hand, lots of bad guys will try to steal Girlfriend’s heart in this game. That’s why sometimes the music contests will become serious fights for Boyfriend. Will you help him prove he deserves his girlfriend’s love? You’ll have to deal with her angry exs, but don’t worry. The rules are simple here: listen to the music and press on the multicoloured arrow keys, keep up with the rhythm and hit the notes at the right moment. If your first attempt isn’t successful, restart the level and try again. Each week brings you the chance to compete with a new character, who’s got his own personality, appearance and a story to tell you. This arcade has got many fans around the world because of its easy controls, wide variety of charismatic heroes and energetic soundtracks that you can change depending on the level. If you like music, this awesome game can become your favourite time-killer. Boyfriend and Girlfriend will save you from boring routine and lift up your spirits. Welcome to the atmosphere of fun and positive emotions! Let’s sing together and show our best face to the world. Friday Night Funkin’ will help you with that!