Dumb Ways To Draw

Game description:

Did you know that art can save lives? In this game, you will experience that literally! Being an artist is now extremely funny and life-saving. This title is created on the basis of famous Dumb Ways to Die, a game where silly beans get into a trouble all the time and you… well, you have to save them over and over again. Nothing changes this time – these guys are still vulnerable and silly, only now you will draw to save them. Your task is to draw bridges and platforms for the beans, while they will be walking through a dangerous map, full of obstacles and painful spots. You need to track their movement and help them stay alive – if one of them will fall down, he will die.
The best thing about Dumb Ways to Draw is that it is extremely cute and stylish. The minimalistic graphics correlate with funny gameplay and adorable soundtrack perfectly. The mechanics are simple, while the physics are rather realistic and well-thought. When you see that a bean is approaching to a trap or hole – be fast to draw a line over that place and you will save him.