Do Not Feed Monkeys

Game title: Do Not Feed Monkeys
Game description:

We are happy to share some really good news with you: the game called Do Not Feed Monkeys is already available on our website. This one is a story of a club of perverts, who are engaged in spying after people. As the name of the club is the same as the game name, it considers itself as a group of investigators that gather important information about homo sapiens (however, the organization members prefer to call them monkeys instead). You will watch people doing all the stuff they usually do. Walking around, singing in front of the mirror, scratching themselves in all imaginable places, having fights, and God only knows what else. There is a lot of adult content present in the game so you are not recommended to play when at work. Or if you are under 18 years old. To spy people and learn all of their secrets and stupidities, both strange and nasty, you will use the web cameras, surveillance systems and other similar technologies. Also, you shouldn’t forget that you are a regular guy who has a rented plat to pay for every month. So it will be really uneasy to make your dull living and combine the efforts connected with yourdaily activity and your role within a group of voyeurs, who put a deal of responsibilities and tasks on your shoulders. The main rule is not to feed the primates, as you have already guessed. Feeding means communicating with them in any way or disclosing your presence anyhow. Well, once you prove that the organization bosses can trust you, the main secret of the organization will be revealed to you. They will allow you to actually feed the monkeys and see what does this strange action really mean and what kind of consequences it may cause.This game has already received great attention from both players and critics, since the overall idea and its realization seems to be absolutely unique. Well, actually, we cannot remember any similar title even among the indie-games, where a lot of crazy stuff can be found.