Demon Slayer

Game description:

Demon Slayer is a fantasy game where gamer needs to develop his ward character, and along the way to monitor the development of the city. Using all the power and power received, it will be necessary to save the world from the oncoming darkness. This game project is quite popular in the gaming community, since the demon slayer has more than one update on its account, so the game has just a huge weighty and varied content.

There is nothing special in the gameplay. The gamer will most of the time be engaged in the development and equipping of his city, and along the way to develop his hero, by battles with various monsters or similar heroes. All battles in the game are provided in turn-based mode. Demon Slayer has 3 character classes to choose from: knight, mage and archer. Typically, depending on the class, the character will have access to weapons and armor.

The knight uses heavy two-handed and one-handed weapons, as well as heavy mail armor. The archer uses leather armor, and as weapons – various bows and crossbows. The mage specializes in destruction magic, and his armor provides only some rags. The main characters have only one race – humans. They cannot have additional professions and act as representatives of the city.

There are a huge number of additional quests in the game, which is very pleasing because of their diversity. In addition to the standard tasks for destroying monsters and delivering things, there will be tasks to save beautiful princesses, save the city from the curse and hunt for the always escaping beast. There are also many plot tasks in the game, but they do not differ in special variety.

Before the battle, the player is offered to choose a position in battle (front or back), apply potions and overlays, and only then the player enters the battle. The battle takes place in automatic mode, the characters exchange physical attacks, the player just needs to use special skills. The above scheme is equally used in the fight against monsters and in PvP mode. PvP, in turn, are arena battles between players, as well as clan battles for territories and resources. Good luck!