Copter Royale

Game description:

Are you ready to fight for dominance in the skies battling against multiple players on your winged machine? Then welcome to Copter Royale! Here you will have to control your own virtual helicopter that will be flying around the map and shooting at the enemies. Everything will start from choosing a nickname and a server. When you join the game, you’ll see that the battle has long begun and the others are already combating to the death.

Plunge right into this whirlpool of steel and fire! But not at once – first you need to upgrade your copter. That can be done by shooting at various items lying on the ground – boxes, barrels and other stuff. These easy maneuvers will allow you to gain some experience, and soon you’ll be able to shoot at tanks and other small artillery – that will bring you more points. The points can be spent to improve the characteristics of your aircraft, including health, speed, size of bullets, damage and so on. Once your transport reaches a certain level, you can upgrade it to a new model of helicopter. And then your enemies will shudder! Start playing Copter Royale right now and enjoy the dynamic and riveting gameplay!