Cartoon Cat

Game description:

Meet a new character created by a talented Trevor Henderson – Cartoon Cat. There are not many facts known, but do not expect to see a lovely purring pet. On the contrary, a legend says you will face a creepy creature, with a hostile grin and long limbs. He is always in no mood and very aggressive. It is not a joke – all other horror monsters are afraid to be on his territory, let alone people. This unusual cat can easily deform his body by stretching and twisting his long legs. But nobody has ever met him. It is believed that he sometimes appears near abandoned structures such as old clinics and schools. Once, two brave friends decided to check these rumors. The thing is they absolutely deny the existence of any monsters. The boys naively think they will easily distract the animal with a ball of threads in the case they are lucky to see him. However, everything that would happen to them soon, would make them change their opinion drastically. Jack, one of the characters, mysteriously disappears, and the other guy will need to find him in is this dark and gloomy building. You may have guessed that you will play for this boy. At this time, you will deeply regret that you were full of doubts about the cat.
There are plenty of difficult situations in Cartoon Cat Horror. And their outcome depends entirely on your actions, reactions and decisions. You can never predict what Cartoon Cat will do next, but one thing is clear enough – he is very dangerous. If you eventually happen to meet him face to face, you cannot hesitate and make mistakes. The strange humanoid creature is very far from being friendly towards anybody on his way. And his super power allows him to destroy whole buildings with no effort. Even monsters from other stories know him well and try not to take the same path with this dreadful beast. But Cartoon Cat likes to play hide and seek with his opponents, so he will gladly interact with you too. Do you still like to meet him anyway? Take a walk through the dark location, test yourself for resilience and see if you can cope with the survival mission. Danger can lurk where no one expects it. But very soon, you will find see or hear, what this monster has prepared for you. You will need to save a lot of puzzles and find clues to many riddles to escape his paws. Start this challenging game to see whether you are smart enough to trick your enemy and find your friend. Throw away all your doubts and start the adventure.