Cartoon Cat Horror

Game description:

Some friendly-looking characters may turn out to be the scariest monsters ever. This is exactly the situation with Cartoon Cat, created by a horror talent, Trevor Henderson. Looking rather fun on paper, he turns into a really spooky creature in real life. He is completely black, with very long legs and a horrendous grin on his face. Not the best creature to meet once you are returning home alone, right? Moreover, the Cat has a lot of super powers. He is strong enough to destroy structures and is not afraid a bit of other monsters. His body can stretch and he can easily deform into the most unusual shapes. These rumors reached two friends. The boys laughed at first as they did not believe in such stories. But out of boredom, they decided to check whether it was true that a mysterious cat could be found in an abandoned school building. And this is exactly where the horror adventures start. Once they entered the premises, one of the guys disappears and the other needs to save him. You will be left alone with a monster who loves to play cat and mouse with people. You no longer have doubts that the monster is real and just one step away from you, waiting for the right moment to attack. And it is quite clear that a ball of wool prepared in advance will no longer help. Get ready to go through all the circles of hell until you find a way out of this trap. You will need to solve tons of puzzles and react at the lightning speed if you want to avoid the Cat’s paws and a painful outcome. No mistakes are allowed here, so rack your brains to find a fast solution in every situation. Carefully move through dark location, knowing that the monster can attack from behind any corner whenever he wants. You know well, cats excellently navigate in the darkness. The fate of your friend is entirely in your hands, so you cannot let him down. Do not forget about the magic abilities of your opponent that keep away all other monsters from him. Think and act as your instincts tell you, do not use even the slightest chance to trick the enemy. Plunge into a chain of freezing horror to check your courage. Be careful, Cartoon Cat is already awaiting you and grinning!