Call of Duty Games

Soldier, the war is at the door and you must defend your homeland at any cost. Even if this will cost your life! Are you ready to prove your loyalty to the duty? Then equip yourself fast, take the weapon, and get ready for the most severe fight in your life. This game is a war game, where you will have to act as a soldier on the battlefield. The bullets will whistle right at your ear, the bombs will explode, and your life will always be in great danger. Are you ready, soldier? Then roll in.

Different game formats at your disposal

Call of Duty is a real masterpiece of the gaming world. This title is known as one of the best in its genre – you will hardly find something that well-done around the web. That is why, the game has millions of fans all over the world. They never get bored when playing Call of Duty – this game has a wide variety of nice regimes that are extremely diverse and equally amazing. For instance, you are welcome to take part in the massive collision of 100 soldiers on the field. This is a battle rotale format, so popular among modern gamers. Only one of you will survive! Also, there is a 5 VS 5 battle, where you and a team of your comrades will stand against the enemies. There is also a well-thought sniper-duel, where you will stand against invisible and extremely dangerous rivals. Choose the type of Call of Duty you like the most – enjoy the battle and win!

Enjoy the rich world

The game includes numerous maps for your battles. The environments vary and this encourages players to invent new fighting strategies and find the best ways to struggle and survive. In addition to rich world with different locations, there are various characters, weapons, outfits, and equipment. You will gain access to new and more advanced items during the game process – the successful struggles and victories will open the range of things to try out. Your personal equipment kit will expand and become more and more advanced.
You will have a chance to unite into squads with other soldiers and make your way to the victory together. The success of your battles will bring you scores, so you will see your names at the top of the rating very soon! Fight against millions of enemies in this incredible online shooter and feel yourself as if you are on the real battlefield! Do you want to test your skills and challenge yourself in a furious game like that? Then get in – the best players are already waiting for you on the server to compete. Win the battles and prove that you are the most courageous and inventive soldier in the history! Become a real legend and enjoy this masterpiece whenever you feel so – the game is free and available at any time you want to enjoy it. The online version is available right on this page.