Call of Duty BO4

Game description:

Plunge into the heat of the battle and enjoy the adrenaline of Black Ops 4 performing dangerous missions when your life hangs by a thread! There are three maps to try: an Ancient Roman arena, the famous Titanic and the mysterious Alcatraz prison. Plus a new multiplayer Blackout mode with up to a hundred of players participating in each match! Choose a weapon to your liking, stock up on ammo and set off! Good reflexes, tactical thinking and ability to keep your head cool in the toughest situations will allow you to survive through the most heated combats. You can use any play style, either rushing right into the epicenter of the fight or taking your enemies down one by one from a safe distance. Realistic graphics with spectacular effects and fast-paced action won’t let you relax even for a second! Compete with other players for victory and see your name on the leaderboards!