Ever dreamed of building a team of super-fighters with unique capabilities? Welcome to Brawl Stars! Dozens of characters are available here, each with its their special skill. Someone aptly throws surrikens, someone can dazzle the enemy with an energy charge, someone sees through walls. But the best thing is that it’s you who chooses which heroes to send into the battle. Knowing their strengths, you can put together a truly invincible gang balanced in strength, and all the participants will be covering each other in dangerous situations. Are you ready to test this in practice? Then launch the game and make your day sparkle with incredible emotions!

Hot action, plenty of characters, smart tactics!

Battles in Brawl Stars don’t last long, one match takes about five minutes, so you can enjoy the action anytime, even if it’s a short break at work or school. The action takes place on a map where there are tactical shelters so that you can hide from bullets or sneak up to an enemy. Each map is different from the previous one, one battle will never be like another. Your task is to defeat the opposing team, retaining as many players as possible. But don’t worry, there will be several of them at your disposal, so even if someone falls the death of the brave in the midst of events, they can be replaced by another. All fighters have their own health reserve, which decreases with each hit. However, if you add a medic to the team, he will surely heal the injured.

Collect all Brawlers, go up the leaderboard!

Depending on how you showed yourself in the battle, you can earn a certain amount of money. Victory will bring you valuable trophies, among which are cards of new characters, various improvements and other pleasant bonuses. The more you play the faster you will be able to collect a complete set of warriors, including those that come across especially rarely. Having such cards on hand, you will get a huge advantage over the enemy, if only basic heroes are available to them.

The game has a rating that can be increased with the help of random battles or by participating in tournaments. Such events are held regularly, allowing everyone to declare themselves and climb a couple of lines up the leaderboard. There are always players on the server eager to fight you in an exciting combat. Play Brawl Stars, increase your tactical skills and collect new sets of characters, even more powerful and advanced!