Brawl Stars 2020

Game description:

You’re lurking behind a flimsy wall with a gun in your hands, bullets flying past you. You need to seize the moment to lean out of cover for a well-aimed shot and lay down your opponents. The special powers every Brawl Stars character has will help you with this! Choose a hero for the next battle, equip them with formidable weapons and deal with the opponents using your unique skills. Which one do you wanna be this time? A silent ninja attacking suddenly and deadly? A brave shooter from the Wild West, striking without a miss? A magician capable of throwing fireballs and summoning various creatures to the rescue? Or maybe a robot at all? Enrich your collection of heroes by winning intense matches and find out what each of them is strong at! Don’t miss a single opportunity to earn coins in different modes to buy a maximum number of upgrades for your fearless fighters. Play Brawl Stars 2020 online at any time of the day, enjoy short fights and win ever more trophies!