Borderlands Games

The best way to describe Borderlands is probably to say that it's a quite successful attempt to unite a Diablo-style RPG and a first person shooter in a colorful sci-fi wrap. The plot unfolds in a post-apocalyptic setting, on a distant planet called Pandora where a group of earthlings arrives in search of treasures and alien technologies. However, it turns out that the planet is bare stone with no precious minerals whatsoever. There is still a faint hope to locate the remains of an ancient civilization that used to live here long ago. But any of the settlers who came near the alleged place of their burial ended up killed by some mysterious power. All that puts the pressure too high for mere mortals to cope with. The colony gradually slides into chaos and decay. These are the conditions you'll have to survive in and you can't be sure that will be a challenging thing!

Open world, amazing upgrade system!

The gameplay of Borderlands is based on exploration and of course fighting. There is a habitual set of activities for RPG fans – performing various quests, searching for an enigmatic bunker and shooting monsters down in thousands. And of course carefully equipping and upgrading our hero. There are four of them to pick from, each having their own peculiar abilities. After you make your choice, you start getting assignments from NPC that bring you either money or useful items. In the process, you'll also gain experience points that can be spent on improve any of the skills that are available in the tree. Each character has three specializations you can take advantage of. For instance, Hunter can become an expert in stealth shooting, pistol use and summoning a pet for help.

Plenty of weapons, co-op mode!

You'll begin the game with two weapon slots that can be further increased to four. Aside from firearms, you can also equip an energy shield, grenade modifier and plenty of other handy stuff. Note that your ammo is limited, so you'll have to keep an eye on your bullet supply. There is an immense number of weapons and various other equipment in the game with a vast variety of effects that you can add using special modules. You can play Borderlands either alone, with your friend on a split screen or over the net which allows to connect up to four players. There are even tete-a-tete fights to take part in and win some money. Discover the amazing world of Borderlands online and enjoy this riveting extraterrestrial adventure!