Angry Birds AR: Isle of Rings

Game description:

Welcome to the new version of a good old title! Now you can meet Angry Birds in the real life environment! Believe it or not, but the furious battles between pigs and birds will happen inside of your room now. That’s really great that developers use newest technologies to improve their most successful products, because now you will have even more fun. Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs is pretty much the same as the previous parts. The plot is familiar – you have a pack of birds, who are angry with naughty pigs. Also, you have a large catapult to make these birds fly and attack the enemies. The pigs are hiding inside of their shelters, but the power of birds is enough to ruin them. Your mission is to aim precisely to make maximum damage with one strike. The better strikes you make, the faster you defeat the enemy, and the more points you receive. As such, the new version stays this way. However, now you can experience the game in a wide three-dimensional space! Unlike the previous 2D version, where you have one striking angle and a limited trajectory options, now you have an endless amount of possible positions, so you can make the birds fly in any way you decide. This will make your struggle really incredible! Choose the most beneficial positions and make perfect strikes! Let the birds destroy the pigs once and forever!