Amanda The Adventurer

Game description:

Amanda the Adventurer is an unusual horror game where the main character is a brave girl named Amanda who is making her way through an old TV show together with her sheep named Wooly. This is a kid’s show, but it’s rather creepy and there may be some scary and even dangerous events waiting for you here!

Solve puzzles, pass all chapters!

Your task in this game is to follow Amanda and Wooly through all levels and locations helping them to solve various riddles and puzzles. In the process, the heroine will ask you questions that you have to answer to proceed further. You can also receive certain tasks like typing words letter by letter or find something on the screen. If you make a mistake, you can get stuck in the game. But you can always try again, so you shouldn’t be too worried if you were unable to cope with some task at the first attempt.

When cute becomes creepy!

At first, the game seems quite cute and innocent. But don’t forget that it’s a horror, so sometimes you’ll see scenes that can really strike your nerves! Besides, Amanda is not that simple as she looks. If she is agitated or scared, she can show her real face. And if that happens, you’ll see another creepy cutscene. So every time you insert another VHS into your recorder, get ready for a new round of horrors! In total, there are three chapters and you can pass them quite fast if you’re attentive enough. This game will not only test your logical thinking, but also your bravery because sometimes it can get you rather creeped out! Plunge into this thrilling adventure right now and have fun!