Amanda The Adventurer 2

Game description:

There is something spooky in horror games that look like children’s cartoons. And it gets even spookier when a character of what is supposed to be a mere TV show for kids suddenly starts talking to you from the screen and asking you to do something. Do you already feel shivers running down your spine? Then start playing Amanda the Adventurer 2 right now!

Be careful with old videotapes!

In this game you will meet a little girl called Amanda. There is nothing unusual about her… except for the fact that she is the main heroine of a TV program. And she communicates with you through an old videotape you found in the attic. When you were putting it into your recorder, you didn’t expect anything like that. You just wanted to recall the old TV show you used to watch as a kid. However, over the time that tape was lying among the other stuff stored in your attic, something definitely happened to it, and now you have to guide Amanda and the rest of the characters through a series of challenges solving puzzles, looking for objects and doing all other sorts of intriguing things!

Help Amanda solve all the puzzles!

Amanda the Adventurer 2 will amaze you with charming graphics and art-style, in line with the retro puppet shows we all saw as kids, and a scattering of interesting tasks you have to complete during the game. Prepare to use your attentiveness, logic and also refresh your vocabulary cause there will be a lot of riddles connected with making up words and looking for things hidden on the map! Enjoy this great puzzle game with elements of horror!