Alternate Watch

Game description:

It is another cool entertainment to boost your strategical thinking. Your task seems rather straightforward. You just need to monitor surveillance cameras and not to miss any suspicious activity in different rooms. But you will often witness weird things. And they are going to be dreadful.

Fix everything strange!

Just sit and watch. Whenever you notice something unusual – put in down in your report. It can be absolutely anything – from furniture moves to inexplicable events. Sometimes, these are going to be really frightening and you will have to overcome your fear to cope with your job. You will need to be very attentive not to miss even a tiny thing! However, it will soon turn out to be quite challenging!

Prepare a report

You must submit a report after each shift. It will be checked thoroughly so try to approach it responsibly. It is clear enough that all anomalies in front of you are caused by some paranormal entities. The atmosphere may get so creepy that you will feel blood freezing in your veins. But you cannot interrupt you shift and should continue making notes. Check whether your reflexes are working well and if you can record every single activity. Good luck!